7 March 2019 (& beyond!) MAINTENANCE WARNING: The CBTTC Harvest system is NOW experiencing intermittent downtime as we upgrade from Google+ to its new Google Sign-In system. If you require help obtaining clinical samples or data during this time, please contact Elizabeth Appert at research@cbttc.org for assistance

If you are a registered CBTTC Harvest user and seem to be stuck at this Welcome page without a "Sign In" button, you might be able to try:

  • opening another browser tab in this session to gmail/google.com
  • and manually logging in to your Harvest-registered google account,
  • then reloading/refreshing this CBTTC Harvest login page.
[NOTE: the above workaround has had success for some accounts in Chrome, Firefox, and non-private Opera browser windows]
You might even need to manually select the Login option from the menu again, and perhaps something might allow you to magically login during this time of transition.

Our apologies for the inconvenience as we work on bringing CBTTC Harvest away from the March 7th shutdown Google+ system. We do hope to have this back up and running with Google Sign-In as "soon" as possible. In the meantime, however, there will be no mechanism in place to allow for new user registration. Again, please accept our sincere apologies. Your patience is greatly appreciated during this tricky transition.


CBTTC used to use Google+ Authentication (but is currently migrating to the more general Google Sign-In...
to authenticate users to our system to encourage a "single-sign-on" environment across our systems. If you are a new user please click the "Sign in" button above. Existing users will have to be re-moderated so that we can associate your Google identity with your existing account. Upon initial sign-in an email will be sent to CBTTC system administrators to authorize your account. On authorization you will be able to use CBTTC’s Data and Inventory system. Please email operations@cbttc.org with any questions or concerns