CHOP Instance of the Biorepository Portal

The Biorepository Portal (BRP) is a federated web application used to support longitudinal biospecimen collection activities. Using HTTP protocols, it interfaces with downstream data systems, including REDCap and Thermo Scientific's Nautilus LIMS, to provide a single unified interface for data collection and update activities. It leverages the electronic honest broker to ensure that longitudinal data collection is performed in a manner compliant with NCI Best Practices for Biospecimen Resources.

Children's Brain Tumor Tissue Consortium (CBTTC) Data and Inventory System

The CBTTC is a multi-institutional cooperative research program dedicated to the study of childhood brain tumors. The ultimate goal of the CBTTC is to improve outcomes for children with brain tumors by supporting research on new prognostic biomarkers and therapies.

The CBTTC is a new paradigm for tissue research, not only collecting all types of childhood brain tumors but additionally performing analysis using cutting edge technologies while freely sharing the data with the scientific community at large to develop new treatments.

The Penn-CHOP Tumor Tissue Bank Data and Inventory System

The Penn-CHOP Tumor Tissue Bank, a state-of-the-art brain tumor biorepository, is a collaborative effort between several departments at the University of Pennsylvania (Neurosurgery and Pathology) and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Under this collaborative, fresh tumor tissue is collected, processed, and stored for multiple downstream applications. In addition cell lines derived from primary brain tumors are also banked and available for the research community. We hope the Penn-CHOP Neurosurgery Tumor Bank Collaborative will facilitate the development of personalized therapies through the characterization of each individual tumor at the genetic, epigenetic and proteomic level